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What is OSWC?

PresentationThe International Conference, Open Source World Conference, is without question the most important event in Spain and Europe where free and open source software and technologies are concerned.

After five editions, the Conference has become an essential rendezvous for those people and companies involved in the world of free and open source software: An event that is beginning to be considered as a must within the sector and which provides a key meeting point for that community.

The aim of the Conference is to demonstrate that free and open source software is a consolidated reality worth investing in, and not just a powerful, solid and safe solution. Throughout the years, the Conference has taken a multidisciplinary approach open to all players and issues, which has translated into a tremendous success.

The Open Source World Conference is renowned by its balance without any overpowering presence of a particular sector or player. It provides an appropriate mixture of audience/groups interested in free and open source software; a mix organisation including the public and the private sector with a well-balanced content within the Conference programme as well as an important international presence on a global scale.

The main areas upon which the programme has been elaborated for the 2008 edition are linked with the in-depth analysis of certain technical issues. Those topics are always necessary in technical aspects such as distributions or development of languages and open standards. Institutional initiatives to encourage the use of free and open source software will be re-examined. Of especial interest will be the presentations and workshops related to business aspects and to the new business ecosystems that are emerging. Also socio-cultural subjects concerning accessibility and digital inclusion will be dealt with.

Key-note speeches, plenary sessions and round tables by the most prestigious speakers and players from the sector will be complemented by an exhibition area where real experiences can be followed. Also the latest products and projects launched by companies and other institutions will be shown.

The estimated total participation will go beyond 6,000 attendees. Its sponsors will come from the most important companies within the sector. It will also have the active involvement of multilateral, European, national and regional institutions along with a range of worldwide open source and free software communities. The exhibition and complementary activities area will surpass 6,500m²at this event.

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Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa. JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA.